About the artist

(painter & sculptor)


nidal jabarin

Nidal Jabarin: Layers feeling, Aryeh Berkowitz. Nidal studied in Russia between 1994-2000. I a professional painter and sculptor. I’ve paintings and sculptures. Cityscapes landscapes seascapes portraits figures, I painted from the open-air.
Nidal Jabarin,s paintings are built of splotches, figures, and images, which integrate with one another to form a rich artistic space.
The brush strokes on his canvas explode with the spirit of expressive Fauvism, rife with emotions that are woven into a creative whole in each becomes a system of personal identification.
The ongoing development noticeable in his broad-ranging series of work, reveals the recurrent motifs of images from daily life, which taken together, form a personal dictionary comprising rich expressive creativity tempered with values identified with the artist,s realm of activity.
Nidal Jabarin is a product of the European artistic tradition, which serves as a basis for his entire body of work. Using striking artistic expression with the talent of a virtuoso, with the Middle East, one that is the Western-style with personal themes from his own life, – images from society and the family, narrow alleys and streets and vistas linking East and West.
A passion for painting accompanied by a commitment to tradition is evident in each of Nidal,s works. Intense layers of colors in a rhythmic beat reminiscent of a labor-intensive mosaic, create a tempestuous emotional world tempered by the routine of every-day local life.
The experience of day-to-day life is Nidal,s basis for activity, collecting data on his immediate surroundings – human images, family, houses,- and landscapes – which he depicts in his own unique style, like an inquisitive tourist investigating new territories all the time and transforming them with his brush into a touching visual picture.
A critical look at Nidal Jabarin,s paintings reveal an ability to grant visual expression to personal experiences by combining a complex system of splotches and images into a multicultural symphony of sounds and memories.